2018 News & Apres Moi Newsletter Below


These are the Associations initial plans for very important events over the forthcoming 75th Anniversary Year of the Dams Raid.

Reforming of 617 Sqn.  The personnel and Lightning II aircraft that are destined to become 617 Sqn are currently forming in USA.  The Sqn personnel will hold a dinner to mark the anniversary of the Sqn’s formation in 1943, but the formal Sqn reforming will be in the USA.  We hope that the  Association will be represented by a North American Rep.

Dams Dinner – Saturday 12 May 2018.   The Sqn will still be largely in USA for the anniversary of Op  CHASTISE and has asked the Association to take the lead for the 75th commemorations.   We are planning a dining-in night Saturday 12 May 18.  We hope to hold a sunset parade with many special additions to the evening including a flypast.  We also hope to arrange  several events over the weekend, such as a visit to the International  Bomber Command Centre and the new RAF Aviation  Heritage Centre.

RAF Dams battlefield tour.   We are hoping to facilitate a battlefield tour of the Dams over the  anniversary of the raid itself.  Departure times are still being determined, but the RAF schedule  includes visiting the Dams and several Crash sites.  Based on our of previous experience we think that members will drive themselves and  book their own accommodation.  More details will follow as they develop.

UK events.   For those of you unable to travel on the Battlefield Tour there are two non-Association events - see our Association membership email for details.

617 Sqn parade.   The Sqn will be returning to RAF Marham over the summer.  OC 617 Sqn has kindly invited the Association membership to attend a parade to mark their return.  The Sqn will receive a new Standard and also celebrate the  centenary of Gibson’s birth.